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Sometimes, shopping for a car can feel like a whole extra job. Sifting through the many different vehicle options out there, going on test drives, and setting up financing can be time consuming and stressful, but there's one thing you can do to make the difference between having a poor experience and a great one, and that is your choice of car dealership. Where you choose to shop for a new or used vehicle can transform how much stress and effort goes into the car-buying process, and if you're looking for a Ford dealership near Columbia, PA, there's no better choice than Chapman Ford Columbia.


Your Local Ford Destination

Chapman Ford Columbia is your local one-stop shop for all things Ford. Here, our inventory covers everything you might be looking for, including powerful trucks, sporty SUVs, and all other kinds of advanced vehicles in Ford's current model lineup, plus a wide array of vehicles from different years and automakers in our pre-owned inventory. Whether you're looking for a brand new pickup with all the latest features and plenty of power or a used car with great efficiency and an affordable price tag, there's something for you here at Chapman Ford Columbia.


Ready for a Change of Pace?

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Award Winning Dealership

It's not just our impressive inventory that sets us apart as a great dealership- it's also our friendly and attentive customer service that takes your car shopping experience from stressful to enjoyable. From the very beginning of your initial model research phase, a member of our team can help to assist you with extensive knowledge and useful suggestions, always prioritizing what you want and need to help you find a vehicle that will be a perfect fit. Once you've nailed down your final choice, the team in our finance department can work with any situation in order to set up a payment plan that works great for you. We put the customer first in all of our interactions, and that's why we are an award winning dealership.


Ford Servicing in Your Area

Even after you drive off the lot in your new Ford vehicle, our relationship with you is still something that we want to maintain. Our professional service department is one of the many things that keeps our customers coming back for more. Here your vehicle can get all of the careful attention it needs to continue running smoothly for years to come, from simple maintenance to detailed repairs.


If you're shopping for a Ford in Columbia, PA or in the surrounding areas, start yourself off on the right foot by choosing to shop at Chapman Ford Columbia. This is the place where you know you can expect to get the best choices, the best service, and the best continued service over time. If you'd like to learn more, you can contact us here for more information. You can also browse our new and used inventories on our website, or pay us a visit in Columbia, PA.

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