The 2022 Bronco Sport at Chapman Ford

Some people are just born hearing the sound of adventure calling their name. Nothing could be more exciting than discovering what's out there in the great unknown, and those people need a vehicle that can enable them to get out there and explore, even far beyond the beaten path. The 2022 Bronco Sport was designed to be that vehicle- unstoppably capable with all of the bells and whistles an adventurer needs for an off-roading excursion. No matter where you go, the 2022 Bronco Sport can keep you connected and comfortable. Keep reading to learn more about this one-of-a-kind SUV.


Incredible Off-Roading Capability

Everything about the 2022 Bronco Sport is built around its powerful offroading capability. The entire lineup has standard 4x4 capability, as well as a Terrain Management system with five standard G.O.A.T. modes. G.O.A.T., or Goes Over Any Type of Terrain, includes modes for all kinds of situations, including Sand, Slippery, Sport, Eco, and Normal. The rugged Badlands model even includes two extra G.O.A.T. modes, Mud/Ruts and Rock Crawl. Also available for the Bronco Sport is Trail Control, which you can use to manage your speed while you pick your way over a difficult landscape.


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Tough Inside and Out

With a roomy interior made of ruggedly tough materials, the Bronco Sport is just as easy to load up with gear or clean out as it is to drive. You can even fit a bike rack in the spacious cargo area. The high safari-style roof gives you even more storage options by being able to support a dynamic load of up to 150lbs. With the available roof rack, you can store larger items on the roof, even a rooftop tent that makes finding a spot to camp and setting up for the night easier than ever. Space for up to five passengers with plenty of headroom and legroom makes group trips a breeze as well.


Technology for Adventures

Connectivity and technology are important, even for those who like to wander far afield. SYNC 3 and Ford Co-Pilot 360 give you the tech you need to stay connected and safe anywhere on the road, but the Bronco Sport was built to thrive off the road as well. "Breadcrumb navigation" is a feature especially well-suited to off-roading, helping you to navigate by dropping virtual GPS markers on your way out and relocating them on your way back. Voice-activated navigation also comes in handy by allowing you to maintain your focus and not take your eyes off the road. An available 180º front camera with split view can also be helpful by giving you a better view of the trail ahead.


The 2022 Bronco Sport is about to become the most useful piece of gear you can get your hands on. Try it for yourself, and see what kinds of adventures open up the minute you step inside. If you're interested in learning more about the Bronco Sport, Chapman Ford can help you. Contact us online or by phone for more information. You can also browse our available inventory here or visit us in Columbia, PA.

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